Fitting Campervan Windows

Fitting the windows is something I had no experience of. So I took the time to watch many of the YouTube videos on the subject and also read all the literature available from the suppliers of the windows.


I have rebuilt engines, restored complete motorcycles and changed the odd clutch on cars that I had owned in the past, but, I have to confess that the thought of cutting a hole into the side of the van gave me the jitters! While the cost of having them installed is not prohibitive, I have this inbuilt 'have a go' attitude within me. How else will you gain experience in life!


I ordered two windows complete with adhesive and trim from Van Window Specialists Ltd for the princely sum of £195.00. While they were on their way I ordered a double headed nibbler at £36.00.

First you need to drill a 10mm hole in the corner of the panel to be removed. The nibbler is attached to a variable speed electric drill and is pushed into the hole. On the Sprinter there is an edge that the nibbler can be 'rested on' while cutting and this gives the perfect shape. The cutting edge of the nibbler is placed onto the metal and a little power is applied. The speed at which the nibbler cuts is unbelievable, The panel was out in less than two minutes.

The edging strip is applied to the cut edge to finish off the interior.

Special cleaning pads come in the fixing kit, it is important to thoroughly clean the surface that the adhesive is to be applied to as well as the glass.


Once clean and with the adhesive in place the windows can be offered up. This is a two man job as once in contact there is no going back, the window will stick fast on contact so you need to get it right first time.

Perfect fit!     Next?     The Insulation.

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